Sports & Entertainment

In the entertainment world, professionals in sports, music, fashion, and the arts frequently experience brushes with the law. This can come in the form of contracts, employment disputes, and infringement. Additionally, artists, athletes, and other entertainers often have to negotiate employment, licensing, sponsorship, and a number of other important business arrangements. The field of entertainment law can be unpredictable; however, whether negotiations are taking place across a table, or decisions are being made inside of a courtroom, an experienced attorney should be at your side.


Managing transactions is crucial to a career in entertainment. For athletes and artists, this often means dealing with problems related to employment, licensing, management, sponsorship, and other business agreements that must be negotiated. Particularly for artists, such as musicians and actors, negotiating management contracts is key to the development and longevity of careers. Creative and athletic careers are dependent on contracts, and these negotiations are crucial to future career success. Additionally, entertainment organizations must compete heavily with others, especially in competitive Southern California. Seeking the guidance of an attorney can be helpful for the talent and the entertainment company.


Sports organizations are a collection of several moving parts working as one. Sports teams have athletes with their own individual contracts. Teams will often need support to work out employment contracts and issues. Additionally, the world of sports often involves the negotiation of broadcasting, sponsorship, licensing, and other types of intellectual property agreements while handling the regular day-to-day operations. Attorneys can guide athletes and sports teams to ensure that their legal affairs are effectively managed.


Fashion is a highly competitive business. Fashion begins with a designer's vision and ends with a finished product. Small, street wear startup companies and large fashion organizations have one goal: to provide quality products to their customers. A fashion line can encounter a multitude of difficulties throughout its multistep process in terms of design, manufacturing, and retail. Each situation is different, and company needs can vary depending on the style of clothing, the culture of the customer base, and several other factors.


When athletes or artists come from abroad, they often experience difficulties that involve international laws. These difficulties frequently involve securing employment visas, negotiating agreements, disputing resolutions, and more. Legal matters for international visitors can be complex; however, dedicated representation can help in navigating through these situations. Additionally, individuals in the field of entertainment who enter the United States for work must obtain employment visas, and attorneys can help obtain proper employment visas.


Ideally, it is inadvisable to enter litigation in the world of entertainment because doing so creates the risk of a public spectacle. Avoiding litigation is a preferable option; however, forceful, results-oriented, and professional representation can make the difference between a positive or negative outcome—for both individuals and entertainment companies.

Regardless of the field of entertainment, the law guides several aspects of how professionals may act. At the level of management and talent, the law can become very complex, especially in the negotiations of contracts. Mr. Parsa is an attorney who has a personal understanding of what it is like to be an artist and has professional experience representing both individuals and businesses. If you are involved in the entertainment industry, the nature of the industry will mean you'll likely face a legal predicament at some point. For experienced, professional and diligent legal services in Los Angeles and Orange County, contact Mohsen Parsa today.