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Drone law is a complex field that affects drone operators, unmanned aerial vehicles, component manufacturers, and more. Drone law can include intersections of business transactions and state regulations, and federal law. Decisions made in this field must often be made with careful consideration, as one decision may have unforeseen consequences across unexpected areas of the law. Each transaction and decision can be a delicate procedure, and should be made under the guidance of an attorney.

The individuals and companies who use drones will often encounter a number of legal issues when conducting business, especially in transactions. Commercial, entertainment or agricultural companies frequently make use of drones or aerial unmanned vehicles for video, security, or crop scouting. While this is handy for these businesses, they may run into violations involving the invasion of privacy, or other regulatory compliance issues. One of the most important aspects is maintaining adherence to Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”), as well as other applicable laws. Individuals or entities that encounter these regulations should have a clear understanding of these laws, as failure to follow can result in fines, penalties, and other administrative or civil proceedings.

Due to the relative recentness of the popularity of recreational and commercial flying of unmanned aircraft, the laws and regulations surrounding the flying of drones can be confusing. While drone flying is a casual hobby for some, use of drones commercially, such as filming videos or crop scouting, can lead to some encounters with the FAA. Working under the guidance of an attorney can help a person or business work through the complexities of drone law.