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California Employment Attorney

Perhaps in no other area of the law have things become more complicated than the employer-employee relationship.

Today’s employers are required to implement policies and procedures that ensure compliance with an ever-changing landscape of federal, state, and local laws as they relate to hiring, managing, accommodating, and terminating employees.

Similarly, the laws and corporate policies impacting employees are no less complex, and often include strict requirements for protecting individual rights, reporting misconduct, and recovering compensation when wronged.

Whether you are an individual who has been treated unfairly in the workplace or a fortune 500 company looking to tighten your policies and reduce future legal exposure, an experienced employment law attorney is absolutely critical for obtaining a positive outcome.

Attorney Mohsen Parsa is an award-winning litigator with experience in complex employment cases involving both federal and state laws.  He represents clients in matters involving:

  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Wage, hour, and overtime pay
  • Wrongful termination
  • Labor relations and unions
  • Employment policies and manuals
  • Whistleblower litigation

In most legal matters, how and when you take action can have a huge impact on the outcome.  This is even more important in matters involving employment law.  In so many instances, creating and preserving records, meeting deadlines or statutes of limitations, and knowing when to disclose or not disclose information makes the difference between success and failure.  Therefore, seek legal counsel as soon as possible and be honest with them about the situation to ensure their advice is sound and relevant.

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If you are in need of experienced and proven legal counsel for an important employment law matter, contact attorney Mohsen Parsa today.  All initial consultations are free and any information discussed is completely confidential, even if you choose not to hire our firm.  Please call 949-394-6930 or complete the contact form here.