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Civil Litigation

When navigating complicated civil disputes, it’s easy to get bogged down in details and dismayed by less-than-satisfactory outcomes. An experienced civil litigation attorney can support you as you regain clarity and control of your situation.

Whether your disagreement centers around a personal injury, a contract dispute with a business entity, or employment law, attorney Mohsen Parsa can help. Mohsen Parsa has practical experience winning hundreds of cases across various civil litigation practice areas.

More than that, he has the empathetic drive to partner with you to achieve the best results possible.

What Is Civil Litigation in Los Angeles?

Civil litigation, as opposed to criminal legal activities, gives any entity — a business or an individual — a specific process to follow if they need to enforce a law to protect their interests.

With civil litigation, for example, one person can sue another to enforce a legal right or obtain compensation for a wrong incurred.

At the end of a civil lawsuit, the court could order one party to stop pursuing certain activities. The court could also order monetary damages or remind everyone involved of the plaintiff’s law-protected right.

Civil litigation can include many practice areas, from personal injury to employment discrimination. If you’re struggling to care for yourself or a loved one after a traumatic event or contentious dispute, working with civil litigation attorney Mohsen Parsa can help you get what you need to move forward.

Mohsen Parsa: The Go-To LA Civil Litigation Attorney

Award-winning attorney Mohsen Parsa supports clients both in Los Angeles and nationwide. For over a decade, he has guided individuals, start-ups, and well-established businesses through an incredible array of complex legal issues. As a result, Mohsen Parsa knows best-in-class defense strategies like the back of his hand — and is ready to bring top-tier tactics to any negotiating table.

His work sifting through high-stakes litigation with a clear head and keen eye for detail has netted his practice national accolades. Mohsen Parsa has received recognition from:

  • Super Lawyers
  • Lawyers of Distinction
  • The American Institute of Trial Lawyers
  • The Orange County Business Journal

…as well as consistently-satisfied testimonials from the myriad clients whose lives he has benefited.

Mohsen Parsa has also been able to assure his diverse clientele of consistently-impeccable results because of his hard work ethic, status as a leader in his industry, and ongoing commitment to his community.

Simple, Direct, Effective: The Mohsen Parsa Way

Your civil litigation case isn’t just a case; it’s your life. When you hire a civil litigation attorney, you place incredible trust in him and his legal team.

Mohsen Parsa realizes this. When we take on a case, we ensure that we bring you cost-effective, reliable legal strategies. We make sure that we have a solid and seamless plan. And we ensure that our services are accessible and transparent for you, no matter how complex the case or high the stakes, so you feel confident putting your case in our hands.

Mohsen Parsa represents individuals, non-profits, and corporations in a wide range of industries — from business to entertainment. With any project, we believe that human connection fuels our ability to represent our clients well. We will therefore take the time necessary to know you and the details of your case, and we will be upfront and honest with you throughout your entire civil litigation experience.

How Mohsen Parsa Can Help You Succeed: The Civil Litigation Process

Civil litigation centers around disputes. After a disagreement between two entities, one party files a complaint, and the lawsuit begins.

A comprehensive civil litigation complaint will include the following:

  • A detailed description of the damages or injuries associated with the dispute
  • A clear explanation of the defendant’s involvement in the harm
  • Information about jurisdiction
  • The specific form of relief the plaintiff seeks

Mohsen Parsa will help you pull this information into a persuasive, organized argument and submit it on your behalf. He will also help lead you through a discovery process designed to gather all of the information you need to succeed. Discovery may include deposing witnesses, hiring expert witnesses, serving requests to other involved parties, and filing any required discovery requests with the court.

As your suit proceeds, Mohsen Parsa will keep you informed about your options. You may be able to negotiate with the other involved parties and come to an agreement out of court. Mohsen Parsa can handle these negotiations while keeping your interests top of mind.

Alternatively, he can help you through the trial process if necessary.

A trial might include the following:

  • Strategic representation in court
  • Performing selection for your jury
  • Handling evidence submission
  • Filing motions
  • Questioning witnesses
  • Following up and filing an appeal after the trial

Once you have settled or received a judgment in your favor, Mohsen Parsa will see you through to the finish. Mr. Parsa will assist with the recovery of any damages you’ve received and help you enforce the decisions the court made in your trial.

It’s our goal to be there with you through the whole process until you achieve the positive outcome you deserve.

Mohsen Parsa Supports Plaintiffs in LA and Nationwide Through Diverse Civil Litigation Cases

The inciting dispute in a civil litigation case can range from a personal injury to a liability claim, tort, or contract disagreement. Although Mr. Parsa is ready to bring his considerable experience to any civil litigation matter, the most frequent cases we see are the following:

Personal Injury

When you or a loved one sustains emotional or physical damages after a traumatic event, you often need compensation to cover medical bills. A personal injury claim can help you recover those damages, so you don’t have to worry about financial issues as you heal. Mohsen Parsa can help you determine who is liable for the incident, the amount of compensation you can work towards, and the best way to pursue options for supporting yourself and your family.

Employment Law

Whether you’re a small business owner or work with a large corporation, it can be challenging to protect your interests after a tough situation.

Employment civil litigation cases can include:

It benefits business owners and employees alike to rely on an external firm instead of in-house counsel when disagreements arise. The impartial focus, calm, and clarity Mohsen Parsa can bring to tense employment matters can help you cut through complex disputes to a good outcome.

CLRA / Consumer Complaints

Fraud, false advertising, and disingenuous business practices: In California, consumers can seek protection from these unfair events under the California Consumers Legal Remedies Act (CLRA).

Often, CLRA provides consumers with a way to help businesses correct apparent issues. There are other situations where CLRA is less helpful. If you make a mistake handling a CLRA notice, the results can be costly.

Mohsen Parsa can help you figure out where CLRA complaints are deserved, what you need to do after a CLRA notice, or even how to spot a phony CLRA letter.

General Civil Litigation

Not all civil litigation cases fit into neat boxes. In fact, civil litigation encompasses a dizzying array of disagreements. You can come to Mohsen Parsa with the following:

  • Contract disputes
  • Torts
  • Restraining orders
  • Premises liability
  • Product liability
  • Property damages
  • Car accidents
  • …and more!

Mohsen Parsa: Civil Law Attorney in LA and Orange County

We’re excited to learn more about the details of your case as we begin to pursue your ideal outcome. To get you where you want to be, our team will go the extra mile for you in three specific ways:

  1. We will only work with you if we believe we can help you achieve a positive outcome.
  2. We commit to using all the skills, knowledge, technology, and time at our disposal in your best interest.
  3. We keep things simple. While working with Mohsen Parsa, you’ll benefit from transparent fees, accessible information, and realistic estimates.

No matter the details of your civil dispute, your journey toward resolution requires dedicated attention and a deft hand. That’s what Mohsen Parsa brings to the table. Mohsen Parsa can guide you through tense negotiations, complex considerations, and more to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Whether you’re facing a legal predicament or feel you’ll require assistance in the future, Mohsen Parsa is ready to support you and your goals. Contact Mohsen Parsa today for diligent, experienced legal services in Los Angeles and Orange County!