Practice Areas

The law affects everything we do, and this is especially the case when engaged in any type of business activity. Business law affects nearly every transaction and agreement made. Startups and small businesses frequently encounter legal issues as their businesses grow. Entertainers such as athletes, musicians, and actors can often get caught up in contract, employment, or infringement disputes. For individuals and companies engaged in any of these fields, their career or business can turn down an immensely confusing path once the law becomes intertwined with their business activities.

The services of an attorney can ensure that a client's livelihood and accomplishments are protected by the law. Attorneys can help resolve business, employment, and infringement disputes; negotiate contracts; and ensure that business practices comply with regulations.

Mohsen Parsa provides legal representation and general counsel services for the following areas:

  • Business Law: Business law involves several aspects, including business and employment litigation, transactional law, asset protection, business formation, and finance.
  • Entertainment Law: Entertainment figures across fashion, sports, music, and many other fields often cross paths with the law. These matters are complicated and can require legal representation.
  • Employment Law: Employment law is rife with legal issues pertaining to compliance with state and federal laws that involve wages, hours, workplace conditions, and termination┬ápolicies and procedures.

Many of these areas require complex contracts, delicate negotiations, and confusing regulations. Attorneys who are experienced in these areas can strongly influence these legal situations and generate positive outcomes.