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Why Small Business Owners Should Outsource “In-House” Counsel

When you’re running a small business you do it all. You manage everything from customer service to production to vendor negotiations. But, one area where you can’t do it all is when it comes to legal issues. Unlike major corporations, you cannot afford to have an expensive in-house counsel look over your daily activities. However, for less than you think, you could have access to great legal advice. You could outsource your “in-house” legal work to a local attorney.

When you outsource in this way, you have better control over your legal costs and you can prevent small issues from turning into expensive lawsuits or fines from government agencies.

Lower Risks of Lawsuits From Vendors and Customers

The best way to avoid expensive litigation with vendors or customers is to make sure you have the right contracts to begin with. Instead of just signing whatever contract is put in front of you to keep your business going, you can protect yourself by having an outside lawyer review your basic contracts.

They can make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of and that your interests are protected. Making sure you are covered in the event something goes wrong isn’t paranoid; it’s a sound business strategy.

Lower Risks of Employment Lawsuits

The biggest risk of litigation to most small and medium businesses is from their own employees. Employment litigation and investigations about discrimination, harassment, and wage and hour issues can easily put you out of business. You can lower your exposure to these types of lawsuits by having an outside lawyer or firm draft an employee manual, look over your policies, and help you deal with any employee complaints.

It is much cheaper to prevent a lawsuit than it is to have to settle one. The costs of outsourcing these issues to a lawyer are nothing compared to a jury verdict for unlawful employment practices.

Ensure Compliance

There are countless federal, state, and local rules and regulations that businesses must follow. You didn’t go into business so you could spend your time reading complex codes. But, the cost of being caught not following some of these rules is high.

Instead of risking paying huge fines, or even getting your business shut down, it is cheaper to outsource compliance issues to a lawyer with the right expertise. For a small retainer, you can get the peace of mind knowing that someone else is on your side, making sure your business doesn’t run afoul of any regulations.

Having a relationship with a lawyer can also help if you are ever audited or investigated by a government agency. Instead of trying to find someone at the last minute, you can turn to someone who you already trust who already knows your business inside and out.

The Law Office of Mohsen Parsa works with a variety of small and medium business throughout Orange County and the Los Angeles metro area to provide outstanding outsourced “in-house” legal services. If you are interested in learning about how you can protect your business and investments, contact us today.

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